Spelling Bee 2023

St. John’s School hosted its annual school-wide spelling bee on Thursday, February 2 in the school gym. Sixteen students from 3rd to 8th grade took on each other to a spelling competition. Students representing their classes included:

3rd Grade Representatives

  • Olivia Hoang
  • William Fee
  • Amos Huynh

4th Grade Representatives

  • Paloma Cook
  • Rayne Hancock

5th Grade Representatives

  • Doris Chang
  • Zahna Whitehead

6th Grade Representatives

  • Erica Zheng
  • Bella Huang
  • Stefani Megino

7th Grade Representatives

  • Mia Aguigui
  • Noah Alvarez
  • Grace Kwak

8th Grade Representatives

  • Alwyn Lin
  • David Lujan
  • Oliver Schaumann

After nine rounds of spelling, 6th grader, Bella Huang, emerged as the top speller with the word contemporary. Battling it out for the alternate position were Oliver, Mia, and Noah. The second-place winner was awarded to 8th grader, Oliver Schaumann, after correctly spelling the word solidarity. Bella will represent St. John’s School at this year’s Scripps Regional Bee, with Oliver being the alternate. 

Judging the school spelling bee were teachers, Tahanae Perez, Ivan Pineda, Denise Mathews, and Kathy Yang.

Congratulations to everyone who supported and participated in this year’s spelling bee competition!

Left to right: Runner-up, Oliver Schaumann, Assistant Head of School, Mr. Bob Kelley, Spelling Bee Champion, Bella Huang.

To watch the Spelling Bee coverage, click here.

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