2017 National History Day Competition

Congratulations to Pin-Hsuan Chen, Tasi Petra, and Brian Lee who were part of Team Guam at National History Day Competition at College Park, Maryland from June 11 to 16, 2017. Competing against participants from all 50 states as well as students from American Samoa, China, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and Korea, Pin Hsuan, Tasi and Brian along with other members of Team Guam spent a week at the University of Maryland meeting other history buffs as well as learning about individuals “Taking a Stand in History”—this year’s NHD theme.

In their second year with an entry in the group exhibit, Pin Hsuan and Tasi’s exhibit board explored the stand Chamorros have taken throughout history to preserve the Chamorro language. Brian Lee created a documentary on Laura Thompson, an anthropologist and advocate for Guam’s political autonomy. Both entries won Outstanding State Entry—-one for Middle school and the other for Upper School.

Left to right: Tasi Petra and Pin-Hsuan Chen

Brian Lee

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