This month we catch up with Amit Sachdev who, after attending Chapman University and Los Angeles Recording School, brought the ridesharing concept to the island and founded Stroll Guam.

What year did you graduate from St. John’s School?

Pre-K to 12th grade. Graduated 2008.

What did you do the year following High School graduation?

Attend business school at Chapman University.

 Can you tell us about the career path you chose after college?

I attended business school at Chapman University before attending Los Angeles Recording School (LARS). A few years after graduating from LARS, I began to work on Stroll Guam.

Outside of work, what other activities/organizations are you involved in?

I have been involved with since 2009. Teambackpack is an online platform to showcase the talent of underground hip hop artists, producers, djs, etc. Teambackpack is an established brand in the Hip Hop world.

What do you enjoy most about your current career position?

What I most enjoy about being CEO/Founder of Stroll Guam is that I am able to help people earn income on their own time as well as provide more convenient, reliable way of transportation in Guam. Knowing that Stroll helps both riders and drivers on a daily basis is a very rewarding feeling.

How did you become interested in your field of study or work?

I became interested in ridesharing in LA. I was so curious on how it was to be a driver that I became an Uber driver. After a few weeks of driving for Uber I realized that Guam needed this type of service and that I could make it happen for the island. I am also looking to expand Stroll to Saipan as well as launch our delivery/moving service.

How has attending St. John’s prepared you for success in college and in the workplace?

Attending SJS definitely prepared me for today. The rigorous work and extracurricular activities gave me the work ethic to achieve my goals. Keeping myself busy as well as being involved helped shaped my focus. Attending school with students from various backgrounds and ethnicities better prepared me for the real world, especially when making international business relationships.

Do you still keep in touch with your St. John’s School friends?

Yes, I try to keep in touch as much as possible with my SJS friends. They are all over the world!

What experiences from St. John’s are the most memorable? Do you have a favorite teacher, mentor or counselor?

Playing on sports teams with friends is something I really remember the most. Having attended SJS from Pre-K to 12th grade, there are way too many memorable memories!

What would you say to a prospective family who is considering St. John’s School?

If you want your child/children to excel in academics as well as learning focus and work ethic, SJS is the school. Your child will have a lot of work to do at school and in the classroom. Even though at times the workload seems very heavy, your child will majorly benefit in the long run, especially when attending university/college.

 Anything else you would like to add?

 I really enjoyed my time at SJS and it will always be an important chapter of my life.


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