Donors Recognized at Giving Wall Recognition Ceremony

The St. John’s School Giving Wall has permanently added six new donor plaques during a special recognition ceremony held on January 14, 2020. The ceremony commemorated the major donors who have notably contributed to the school including Mihn-Ha Chu Nguyen and Dr. Hoa Van Nguyen, Edward and Siska Hutapea, the DeBenedictis Family, Dr. and Mrs. K. Malakooti, Mr. and Mrs. Tae S. Oh, and Kaz and Mika Matsushita.

St. John’s Head of School, Ms. Patricia Bennett welcomed the latest supporters and their families and thanked them for their generous donations to the school. The Board of Trustees present includes, Mr. Bart Jackson, Mr. CJ Sachdev, Mrs. Siska Hutapea, and Mr. Tae Oh.

Through generous donations like these, big or small, can St. John’s School continue to provide exceptional programs and propel initiatives that benefit students and the school community.

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